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Assisting with Negotiations

Let’s face it, most people have trouble negotiating with their ex-partners. If you could negotiate successfully with your ex-partner, you would probably not be separated in the first place!

A very important part of my role as a family lawyer is helping to negotiate solutions with your ex-partner. It is not my job to make your relationship with your ex-partner worse, or to spend your money unnecessarily. I often say to my clients that where you have children, you are going to have an ongoing relationship, whether you like it or not, with your ex-partner for many, many years into the future. So, to the extent we can sort out your family law problems without making that relationship worse, that is what we should be aiming to do.

Whilst everybody is different, in my experience it is often really hard for people to negotiate a resolution of their family law problems directly with their ex – partner. Emotions on both sides get in the way. That is where I can help, because I can give you some objective advice to help you decide where you want to end up, work out with you whether that is realistic and advisable, and negotiate calmly and coolly with your ex-partner to get you there.

Most clients who come in to see me end up having me negotiate a solution with their ex-partner, and then formalise it properly for them. When I negotiate with your ex-partner, it is always on the basis that I have first talked to you about your position and you have instructed me what you want me to say. Please rest assured that I do not say anything to your ex-partner without you first having authorised me to do so.

Part of the skill in negotiating with your ex-partner is to make sure that you understand first the realistic range of outcomes, and the costs that might be attached, both legal and emotional, in trying to achieve those outcomes. This then helps you give me realistic, cost-effective instructions to help bring your family law matter to a successful conclusion.

Having me help in negotiations does not have to be inflammatory or damaging to your relationship with your ex-partner. In fact, by conducting negotiations in a polite, respectful, but firm manner, most clients find that they avoid confrontation and ill will with their ex-partner. That can only be a good thing.

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